Friday, November 7, 2008

My decision to go Vegetarian

Well, I've been giving it a lot of thought...
And I decided that I was going to become a vegetarian. It struck me as odd for the longest time why anyone would want to do this. I personally like the taste of chicken, and think that women who are pregnant or planning to become so should eat meat to provide enough iron for themselves. But I have weighed the pros and cons and this is what I have decided.

1. That I don't trust the meat packaging industry. How old is our food exactly? How cleanly prepared, and how many preservatives have they stuffed our food with? You can never read "the Jungle" and be the same. Plus, I happen to hate artificial food and unnatural things. (like high-fructose corn syrup Spawn of the devil!)

2. That this is a form of fasting of me, giving up something I actually like, and will hopefully put a curb on my rather glutinous appetite.

3. It's cheaper
seriously. I checked out our monthly grocery bill, and it's almost 800 dollars a month for 8 people. HOLY COW! that is 100 dollars a month per person in my family. I figured out that cutting out meat is an easy to reduce costs in my family's budget. I also figured that if we bought bulk rice and beans and nuts, and other good things like that, we could eliminate all the awful fake food my mom buys for my little brothers. Unfortunately, they shot down that Idea.

So, here I am, a vegetarian. Let's see how this goes!