Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poem of the day

Upon Awakening
- Katenka Nobernova

Upon awakening,
I find myself
alone among the sheets
instead of in your arms,
where up until a moment ago
I was dreaming peacefully.

My consciousness longs to flee again
into the dark illusions of the night
and I lie in melancholy stupor
as though a leaden weight
had replaced the beating of my heart.

You birds! You bright morning sun!
How you used to full me with an ecstatic joy
when I gazed upon the world
rising from slumber

But now your brightness mocks me
and my rising from the bedchamber
is filled with bitterness

Poem of the day

O, nye grusti
- Aleksei Apukhtin

O, nye grusti po mnye!
Ya tam, gdye nyet stradanii
Zabud' bylykh skorby muchitel'nye sny
Pust' budut obo mnye tvoi vospominan 'ya
Scetlyey, chem pervyi den'vesny.

O, nye toskui po mnye!
Myezh nami nyet razluki,
Ya takzhe, kak i vstar', dushe tvpyey blizka.
Menya po-pryezhnyemu tvoi volnuyut muki,
Menya gnyetyot tvoya toska.

Zhivi! ty dolzhen zhit'! I yesli siloy chuda
Ty zdyes' naydoyosh otradu i pokoy,
To znay, chto eto ya otkliknulas' ottuda
Na zov dushi tvoyey bol'noy.

Oh, Do Not Grieve
Oh, do not grieve for me!
I am where there is no pain;
Banish tormenting dreams of troubles past and gone,
And may your memories of me
Be brighter than the spring's first day.

Oh, do not pine for me!
For us there is no parting.
Just as of old, I am near to your soul.
As before, your torments distress me,
Your anguish oppresses me still.

Live! You must live! and if miraculously
You find comfort and peace here on earth,
Then know that it is I who responded from that other world
To the summons of your afflicted soul.

Set By Rachmaninoff