Friday, September 3, 2010

Poem of the day


I believe
I Faith, Hope, and Love
Beads slip through my fingers as
words slip through my lips
No, not words, or else I do
not hold a Rosary
but a string of cheap beads
Rather prayer
ceaseless prayer
to make each of these orbs
a grand necklace of pearls
for the throat of
the Queen of Heaven
and Light
my gift before this alter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Poem of the day


My heart is bursting
for cold fall days
rainy after-school
or Saturday mornings alone
outside a cafe
with a cup of hot liquid
warming my fingers
and burning in my chest as I sip.
The wind chases leaves along
the sidewalk; cars splash by,
the rain sprinkles my face
but I am kept warm
by this inside fire
fueled by hot chocolate
or tea
or frothed milk.
My heart is bursting
for such a simple mix of elements
like the nostalgic aroma
of wheat, water, and yeast
mixed in a bowl and heated.
I am baking scenes with my emotions
good ingredients
make good bread