Thursday, August 27, 2009

The service...

I swear we have the nicest cafeteria ladies in the entire mid-west. The check-in lady, Luce, knows everyone's name, and I mean EVERYONE in the entire college, as well as always having the sweetest smile and such a great hug. There was another cafeteria lady who helped me out today. I was in the alternate breakfast isle, getting my yogurt and granola w/ mango slices, when I realized that there was no cinnamon or ginger in the spice rack! I mean they have everything from dill-weed to coriander, but no cinnamon or ginger! I was aghast, and a cafeteria lady, passing by, noted my distress and asked if there was anything wrong. I said no, it's just that there is no CINNAMON OR GINGER!!!! two of the most important spices in anyone's kitchen, and she said "come with me." So I followed her, and lo and behold, she brought me out three things. One was a large container of ginger, the second was a large container of cinnamon, and the third was a little container of cinnamon which she GAVE to me and told me to keep. Was I happy? Of course I was happy! I think that was God giving me a little perk of happiness in the morning before my day began.

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