Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Benefits of Vocal study

Singing is a journey of self-discovery into the nature of one's own instrument, their voice. It is at the same time exploration, discovery, and actualization of all human potential and self-awareness. Singing is also:
1. As in the situation of acting, lends animation and expressiveness to the countenance
2. a means for the expression of internal thoughts and emotions
3. enlightens one to the world of fine text and artistic literature
4. Develops a better speaking voice for better self-expression and articulation
5. Allows one to overcome shyness and psychological inhibitions which restrict the outpouring of self into the external world.
6 Healthy, developing the lungs and introducing high levels of oxygen into the bloodstream and excellent for good posture and graceful poise
7. Is pleasurable as an artistic pursuit.
Aka... There is nothing disadvantageous about pursuing vocal literacy.

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