Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poem of the day

Send Me Not Away
-Semina L'Etoile

Send me not away
like the sun chases away the moon
like water chases away fire
like winter chases away summer
and sends the cold frost creeping over the tender buds
not yet bloomed
send me not away
like you were Hamlet
and I Ophelia
down to the water to drown in my loss
send me not away
bid me not part from you
as though we were two separate hearts
beating in separate bodies
how could lungs live without breath?
How could a heart beat without its blood?
how could a bird live without the sky?
or a fish without the sea?
send me not away
or I shall wither
as a flower withers without the sun
send me not away
but come down to sleep with me
in my bed of cinnamon
and entwine our arms about each other
passing the night in each others' breath
and heart beat
until the morning dew shall come stealing over the horizon
and bid us rise
send me not away
send me not away

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