Monday, October 3, 2011

A Canticle of praise

Oh Lord open my lips
and my mouth shall declare Your praise.

Oh Lord, long have I languished
long have I sought after that which can not satisfy
Lord, how long I have pursued shadows,
lifted up and glorified myself.

To love You is an abandonment
not an engorgement of the will.
Praise and Glory are due to You
Truly our inheritance is Your Goodness

I am dumb
I am mute

Shall I speak of Your wonders before the peoples?
Who would believe me?
I shall proclaim what the Lord has done for me,
How he has ransomed me from death,
from the stain of sin.

All Glory to You, Oh Lord,
All Glory to You.

Wordless splendor come pouring from our hearts
Command and we shall proclaim
Send forth Your Spirit on the Nations

All Glory be to You, Oh Lord,
The Lamb that was slain.

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