Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poem of the day

And I know...

I stare out my window at night,

when the rain falls down,

down in torrents and tears.

I hear its drumming and know that I am alive

I breath in the cold air and let the moisture hit my lungs

and I know I am alive

I stand on the hillside

when the wind howls over the plain

like a hound chasing its prey

I feel it surround me and I feel as if I could fly

I close my eyes and spread my arms, bracing myself against it,

and I feel like I could fly

I lay on the sand

in the summer by the sea

When the sun saturates my every breath

I hear the waves lapping at the shore, and I know I am safe

I feel the sand beneath me, warm and rough and solid

and I know I am safe

I sit with my family

at the table, or in prayer

our chatter, our laughter, fills me

I hug my brother, and I know I am alive

I cry with my father in anger and in grief

and I know I am alive

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