Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Multicultural Education

What is it?
  1. Placing the student at the center of the teaching and learning process
  2. Promoting human rights and respect for cultural differences
  3. Believing that all students can learn
  4. Acknowledging and building on the life histories and experiences of students' cultural group memberships
  5. Critically analyzing oppression and power relationships to understand all the "isms"
  6. Critiquing society in the interest of social justice and equality.
  7. Participating in collective social action to ensure a democratic society

Creating a Multicultural Curriculum
  • Supports and Celebrates diversity in the broadest sense using student histories, experiences, traditions, and cultures
  • Students should be able to see themselves and their experiences in the curriculum
  • Connect their curriculum to the special diversity that may exist in their area of the country
  • Help students understand and respect another person's perspective, EVEN if they don't agree with it
What Else?
  1. Always hold high expectations, regardless of whatever!
  2. They won't care about what you teach until they know you care about them!
  3. Work to understand their life experiences and begin teaching from that perspective
  4. Practice with high student engagement!
  5. Teach students fairness and justice by your example
  6. Critically examine the practices done in your school
  7. Don't be afraid or get too tired to "intrude" in their lives

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