Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Formal Dress

It's Finished!
Well, as finished as it's going to get. I began by Formal dress yesterday, worked on it all night, brought the skirt to school and worked on it during my breaks and spare time, and then finished it up at home. I must say, I am very proud of myself this year. My efforts are so much better than they were last year. I like the dress best without straps, but for modesty's sake, they were a must. I am not about to get thrown off a riverboat for my own aesthetic preferences. I intend to get some pictures of it up on the blog one of these days, but my camera is lousy. I'll need to borrow someone's. But anyway, Mrs. Conway asked me if I could bring the dress in tomorrow and put it in the Ancient Technologies table during the fine Arts Festival. I'm not so sure I want everyone to see my rather messy seamstress-ship, but hey, anything to please a teacher, right? I'm just a little worried that a few people who actually know about sewing won't refrain from bashing my efforts. I am officially excited for Spring Formal this year! I even have really cute shoes that Mrs. Singleton lent me just for the occasion, and I can relax before the event. Not like last year. *shudder* That was awful. I will never set finishing a dress off until the last hour again! Which reminds me, I need to grab some flowers for a corsage, roses would be best!

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