Friday, May 1, 2009

Reflections before the day

It is now 1:29 in the morning, and I have stayed up very late to finish some reflections on the Brother's K. I usually use this time to pray and think about how my day went and how I can make the next day better. Well, first I must praise the Lord for an absolutely amazing day yesterday (1 hour ago).
I wish I could have biked to school yesterday morning, but I thought that the weather would be detrimental to my voice, and State is *gasp* TOMORROW! So I opted to take the carpool. The morning opened with one of my classmates inviting me to a class Tea Party at the end of the year. That set off my day pretty well! I proceeded to have a pleasant day, during which I read probably the most amazing chapter of Brother's K, and I had to just soak it all in. What beauty! My Humane class discussed it together, and though we didn't see quite eye to eye on many a things (I see suffering as good thing depending on circumstances) our discussion was lively and well thought. Calculus was intriguing, as usual, and then we had the etiquette lunch, during which we learned a whole lot of fancy and useless rules. I agree that chivalry and manners need a revival, but quite sincerely, I could care less about tasting my food before I salt it. Well, then we had Physics, in which we watched a hilarious video on the Space-time diagrams (which are AWSOME), and did problems relating to Initial Reference Frames. Then Drama, which was DEAD-PAN boring. Stinklangweilig! But there was light, because I was offered an additional role on my off-night as a back round mime! this may not sound like much, but it can be really fun if energy is put into it. Well, after that, there was a Mass and Volunteer dinner at St. Marks for all us volunteers. During Mass, I don't know, but I must have been particularly acute today, because everything was tying in and I was hearing what God was speaking through the scriptures. And then, right as Communion was ending, the last ray of the setting sun pierced the Western Stained glass window of the Resurrection. The ray of light fell directly on the alter, and in that moment the passing earthly image and eternal truth here touched each other. Beauty incarnate. Well then, at the Volunteer dinner, the entertainer (who coincidentally knows many families from my school) played while I sang "the Piano Man" and he was so impressed he offered to help me get a singing career going! Praise the Lord! God, you are just too much! What is a girl to do with all this Love?

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