Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poem of the day

Before Morning Prayer

It is not easy to get up usually
but for some reason
I rise from my bed,
from my warm, comfortable bed,
with a sense of peace.

My shower is filled with my usual worries
and I lean against the walls
expecting to feel despair.

And yet from my lips comes
"Oh Lord, Thy will be done"
and I realize
that no suffering is beyond You
no pain is so menial that You
do not feel it also.

As I dress and behold myself in the mirror
I feel a calm, and a warmth in my heart
for this fleshy body
Your Divine Image hidden by our perception

Though a hard heart may keep me safe
I wish to be as soft and vulnerable
as the downy breast of a dove.
Cultivate Your Peace in Me.

Jesus, You are so good to me
though my heart be heavy at times
though the world seems too much for me
though I feel I cannot go on,
You are there

You are the first, my Lover
my Divine Lover who thirsts for my soul
I desire You, permeate my being
I love You, be with me until the End

How wonderful it is to just praise You
But I should probably go pray
for my intentions and the intentions of others
and because I really should finish my rosary

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