Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poem of the day

A Song for the Warrior of my Heart

Son of the mountains,
Warrior of the high places,
Where do you set your alter,
That I might go with you to worship your God?
On what high peak do you make your home,
So that I might ascend unto the mountain of spices,
And see the lights of the morning sun with you?
O Eternal light which dwells in you,
There is no ill which you can set your arms to,
For a healing is in your touch.
There is strength in your limbs
and power in your voice.
I touch my head to the grass at your feet
In homage of your scars.
O warrior of the Word incarnate,
O lover of love,
Let my heart be as brave as yours,
Let my strength be as true.
For just as gold is tested in fire,
So are acceptable men in the furnace of humility.
Your hands are a mystery to me,
Too great are their movements for me to understand.
They move with power,
They have struck down evildoers in their stride,
And have conquered the deceivers.
Before them men crumble and are laid to shame.
But in them I find my refuge,
In them I find peace and a quiet joy.
Like the sigh of an autumn zephyr on the wind,
Is the sigh of content which escapes from my lips,
When those hands are my safeguard.
My brother, my warrior,
Defender of my honor,
I watch you through my veil,
and peer at you through the cascade of my hair,
So that you will not see,
this trespass of my eyes.
May my mind be free of wickedness,
and my heart free of evil thoughts.
For just as impure water makes a flower wither,
so too impure thoughts are as poison to the soul.
Oh my brother,
Let me never shame myself in the council of your peers,
nor before the gates of thy father's house.
Let there be one mind between us,
and one will.
Perfect love casts out all fear,
therefore, let there be only joy within our hearts,
only a devotion to the sacred heart,
which burns our sin away.

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