Friday, May 30, 2008

A Father's Jurisdiction

How much right does a father have over his daughter's dates? Well, I do live in his house, legally under his jurisdiction, and will be for another year still. (actually, 1 year and 2 months) Thus I should be dutiful and adhere to the standards he sets out for me, including with whom and how often I spend my time.
Doesn't only being able to see your special person once a week kind of... well, words fail me. I mean, only three months till he is off to college, so with this present plan I will only see him 12 times this summer! No! This does not seem at all just. I am sorely tempted to sneak out behind my parent's back, but this is a grave violation of trust, and then I would really not deserve to even see him once this summer. My loyalties must still remain with my father. EVEN SO!
Not allowing us to learn swing-dancing together, from our high-school teacher, boils my blood a little.
16 years old... Why am I in the class of 2009? Younger than all my class mates, and with less freedom than any of them.
But as I have learned many times, true freedom is not absence of restrictions. And I know my dad has the best in mind for me. The real question here is... Is appropriate for me to be in an exclusive dating relationship with a man who is leaving in three months? My good friend told me that many people she knows have been able to keep up their relationship by correspondence, but the bigger question is, what does God want? Where will he take my life in the next year? The next two years?
I am being driven insane.

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