Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oral reports

Hello Hard-core studying.
I have often wondered why my friends from public-school always fret about their final exams, why they spend countless hours studying for a test that sums up their year. Now I know. So far, all I have accomplished in this small coffee shop is a fair amount of worrying and slaving over my mat-lab code, trying to imagine what Hooke's Law and Archimede's Principle are doing on the same assignment, and trying to stay sane while I examine the fine points of this silly code. I can not seem to concentrate, even though I left my house and all possible distractions behind me when I came here. My house is the least conducive place to studying I think on the face of this planet. Five noisy siblings running around, (God bless them), and hard working parents with short tempers. I must say, my parents have far more patience than I could ever hope to have. Now to tackle Humane Letter's Orals, reviewing Sophocles, Aristotle, Augustine, the Illiad, the Odyssey, Aeschylus, Athanasius, Plato's Dialogues, the Republic, Gorgias, and Thucydides. I love philosophy, but my brain is going to crack under all this stress shortly. O, and I just found out I forgot to turn in my Calculus project, and my Boyle's Law lab, and my notes from Global Issues.
Summer will just have to wait another week.

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