Sunday, May 25, 2008

Muses of a Poetic Soul

The background of this poem is a dream I had where there was a traveler from one world where no night existed. He traveled to a different world and arrived there at night when the sun had just gone down, and was so terrified by the darkness he began to panic, that is, until the stars came out.

Surely, for I am a stranger

In vain my own road I have sought,

I have come upon the realm of the gods,

Who rule in this world I know not.

About and below me lies nothing,

But darkness incessant and vast,

A nothingness stretching eternally on, into

Undying black, unsurpassed.

A wind from the north blows about me,

And seizes my lungs with its breath,

Clean  and as clear as the mountainous rain,

Yet cold as the stalking of death.

Then suddenly high overhead me,

I see something flash into life,

White fire that burns for a moment in time,

Like the gleam on the blade of a knife.

My eyes now are open to witness

As suddenly they come to see,

Beauty brought forth from a desolate waste,

As Venus was born from the sea,

The spell of some heavenly jeweler,

Hath shown me his ebony plaque,

Diamonds lie glittering where they are cast,

Against the rich velvet of black.

Placed by the hands of a master,

They frame a pristine orb of light,

A pearl from the depths of a starless abyss

The moon in her glory and might.

She shines like a pendent of silver,

Stephanite etched in her gleam

 She hangs by her chain just eluding my grasp,

The wish of some fast fading dream.

What god have I met in my travels,

Who’s art can arise to compare?

For beauty is wielded by beings divine,

And never were such things so fair.

My soul is at rest in my breast,

Relax now my roamings can I,

For mine eyes hath witnessed the gems of a God.

Awake in a desolate sky.

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