Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To date or not to date...

Well, the dilemma has finally come.
As a young girl I swore that I would not date until I was in college, or at least a senior in high-school. I mean, dating is preparation for marriage! Am I old enough, emotionally, spiritually, and financially ready for marriage? Heck no! 
And yet, I was asked out.
I mean, I never even considered the possibility of that happening! I always imagined myself in college and meeting someone in the philosophy department or the music arena and being great friends first, but at the same time having a complete and total understanding between us. Most importantly, I always imagined he would be the same age as me.
A senior, packing off to college, 18 years old, whom I have known only since I was in 10th grade has asked me out.
Do not get me wrong! I love this person dearly. He has probably been the most important male person to me after my Dad and my cousin (we are as close as twins). But I am very very apprehensive and in some senses scared. But in all things I must remember the most important thing.
To Pray!

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